Senin, 30 Januari 2012

sweet seventeen :)

today 30th January 2012. my birthday :))
my age now is 17. a lot of people say 17th birthday is so special. hmm, i think so :)

on 28th january 2012, i have been held some birthday party at my home :)
yap a little party. but i'm so happy because this events so wonderful.

this photo taken when all of us is ready to eat :)
hahaha.. actually, Dida get my first plate :)
and then my friends takes some pictures at my home

and then in the middle of photo session, Dida make some surprise for me :">
he did a magic and VOILA there is rose flower in front of me :)

i'm so shy when he give that flower. yap, this is my first time i get a rose flower from a boy :p
and then in last i take photo with all of my friends

 and before Dida go home, we take two photo with sute and hendry :)

Thank u so much much much my friends for attend to my birthday party :))
love u all :*

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