Selasa, 20 September 2011


yeah maybe this word very simple.
but it is hard to do that.
hmm,yap now i try to adaptation with my new class that i hope can make me enjoy to study.
but i don't know why this week i feel not comfort in my class -.-

i think they still individual, in the break time they chat or play with their's 10 classmates
also they still egoistic. mereka cuma mau tau beresnya aja. apa-apa yg ngurusin cuma pengurus kelasnya aja.
but there is also some people who care with our class.

hmmff,Ya Allah mungkin aku juga masih terbayang-bayang sama keadaan kelas wktu kelas 10, tapi ak mencoba buat adaptasi..ya i know it's very hard,but i must do that...
i want my new class can work together, can be a class that have high care one to each other.. hope it can be real, aminn :'

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